Bathroom & kitchen

Remodeling means renovating your old house or building. Ours is a home improvement service for all local customers as well, all over the country.

Most of the times Bathroom and kitchen are undertaken together for remodeling. Excellent experts, great products are our priorities. If your kitchen and bathroom are new or whether you want to renovate them, then we are the right choice for your home.

We will first visit your home and inspect your old kitchen and bathroom. Our team will check out for plumbing faults, drainage malfunction broken tile etc. We find the causes of leakages which become the cause of ruining the bathroom and kitchen. So during remodeling we will pay attention to every minute detail and transform your bathroom and kitchen the same way you dreamt of.

How do we remodel
1. bathroom

After inspection of the present bathroom, we discuss the plan and ideas of our client, and then accordingly a bathroom design is decided. It can be a small or a large bathroom.

It may include a double vanity, new cabinets, replacing or installing new wash-basins, toilet seats, faucets, taps, and showers; installing frameless shower glass, and tubs; changing old floor tiles and wall tiles, replacing or installing new electric switches, lights, water heaters or geysers. Sometimes we even need to change the old pipelines of water supply, drainages too. Your bathroom is now ready with all the luxury you wanted.

2. kitchen

We renovate both small and large kitchens. We can totally upgrade the kitchen with all the latest possibilities. The kitchen is the most important part of our house. And Woah! Everybody would like to have all the newest electronic gadgets in the kitchen which makes our life easy in our busy schedule. But before installing those, one should always modify the kitchen, to give it a rich look. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is big or small. Our professionals know very well how to adjust the kitchen in a small space. 

Our ways of kitchen remodeling includes the following:

Centre platform
Astounding cabinets
Rich looking kitchen tiles
In-built refrigerator
Open platform kitchen
Splendid countertops
Magnificent faucets
Stylish cupboards for crockery
Built-in cabinets
Pullout drawers
Hidden drawers etc.

And these all are the qualities of a High-end kitchen.
Work with us and we will make your dream come true.
Cost – estimate of bathroom and kitchen remodel

One of the greatest features of our company is that we try our best to work according to our client’s budget. Respecting our client’s feelings is our priority. The estimate depends upon materials, kitchen area, and labor. A rough average per square foot will cost you around $150. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen and can really enjoy cooking in a high-end kitchen. Our kitchen is the heart of our home. Let’s make it the best part of your home by planning an astonishing renovation.

Your choice will be the best if you choose us. Our workmanship is superb. You can refer to the kitchens we have remodeled with a smart look and beautiful finishes. We have set everything in such a way that there remains a lot of space.

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen and bathroom, get in touch!