Fire & Water Restoration

We are a leading company for restoring the damages caused by fire and damage.

These are the causes of fire damage:

When a fire erupts, a lot of gases are released into the air and after breathing them there is discomfort caused to our health. Fire consists fuel, oxygen and odors created from incomplete combustion. There are some harmful compounds produced during a fire breakout, so our professionals who will carry out the restoration services will wear protective equipment in order to avoid bad effects of the fire residues. 

At D&J Roofing & Foundation Repair services, we understand the panic of fire breakout. We have got an excellent team to fix all that is destroyed in fire. We have all the knowledge required to restore your property. From inspection to cleaning and restoring.

These are the steps we follow during restoration:

• Our team will reach out as soon as possible on the location
• Inspect the area followed by a discussion with the owner
• Study the intensity of damage
• Plan according to the requirements of restoring
• Cleaning the area and removing all the debris
• Use our best methods for repairing with our own strategies
• Odor removal followed by sanitization
• After the work is done a final inspection will be carried out along with the owner


The causes of water damage

The most common causes of water damage are rainwater, floods, snow melting, unfinished crawlspace, drainage malfunction, plumbing problems, etc.

The worst part of water damage is the structural damage to the building. One must not ignore the water damage. Because restoring it can end up in thousands of Dollars.

Calling the professionals ASAP is the demand of that time. We can understand the home-owners situation; it is so stressful. But leave the problem to us. We are into this profession for years.

Effects of water damage are:

Structural damage
Mold formation
Health issues of the residents
Musty odor inside the house
High cost of repairing
Electrical damage and danger
High water bills
Foundation damage

For any kind of water damage, our team will reach out to that location at the earliest. After an inspection, our team will start removing the water and we will find out the root cause of the water leakage and fix it immediately. 

After the discussion with the homeowner, we will plan our activity of water damage restoration. Our professionals are experts at sorting and fixing such issues. We have all the tools to repair, restore and dry the areas the right way.

We even fix ceiling water damage which cost exceeds more. And a hardwood floor water damage. The standing water on the wood damages the wood. Hardwood floor. Call our professionals as soon as possible. After removing the water we will dry the area and even use dehumidifiers. Replace the subflooring and install new wooden planks.

The wet carpets present on the floor are too cleaned, dried, and sanitized by professionals to remove the bad odor.

Sometimes the accumulated water in your property is removed by the high-powered pumps and vacuums which are specially designed to absorb all the standing water.

Why call D&J Roofing & Foundation Repair services?

We are experienced and he best all over Texas. We are just a ring away. Our representatives are available 24/7. Customer satisfaction is our first preference. We are cost-effective.

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