Foundation Repair

Define the foundation of a house

The lowest part of the building on which the load of the whole structure rests is known as the foundation.
A foundation supports the whole concrete structure above. It keeps the groundwater at bay and it acts like a barrier between water and foundation

The Foundation of a house should be the strongest and is the most important part of a building. Good quality materials used, contributes a lot towards a great foundation.

Importance of Foundation

The foundation helps in equally distributing the load of the building or house over the land. The foundation or the crawlspace can be used as a room for storage. This space even contains all the electrical wirings and the plumbing of the whole house or building. If this space is well-maintained, it will be easy for the plumbers and the electricians to carry on the reparings.

A well-insulated foundation will keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer. And due to which there will be a decrease in electricity bill. The French drains and sump pumps are also installed in the basement to solve the accumulated water problems.

Benefits of foundation

A foundation is the biggest support for the whole structure to stand on. The vapor barriers installed in the foundation will stop the moisture that spoils the foundation’s walls, beams, and roof. The insulation present in the foundation will help in stopping the exchange of airflow from crawlspace to the living room of the house.

Some of the kinds of repair done by us are as follows
• Basement crack repairs
• Sinking foundation
• Foundation crack repair
• Full foundation repair
• Foundation stabilization
• Foundation waterproofing
• Basement waterproofing

How does D&J, repair the foundation?

We have got highly trained and licensed professionals to understand and repair the foundation condition of a building or a house.

We check and study every aspect of the foundation. The beams, pliers, ceiling, floor, waterproofing etc.
There are, symptoms of a failing foundation seen in the structure. Moisture, cracks, high energy bills, musty smell, leakages etc. 

We have renovated a number of residential houses and buildings. The causes that are responsible mostly, are found like; low-grade materials used, old structures, poor construction, water damage, floods, poor weather etc. All of these cause huge damage to the concrete structure.

D&J Roofing & Foundation Repair services are the best even in repairing or stabilizing the foundation, crawlspaces, and basements. We use grade one materials and our certified professional contractors always give their best.
Do not panic when you see the signs of a failing foundation. Call us and our experts will examine and solve foundation-related problems. 

After inspecting the foundation of your home we will even give you the estimate of expenditure. They will discuss with the homeowner a customized plan. Our experts will tell you what your house or building wants. 

The materials which our team will be using are tested by the geo-technical engineers.
Our team will even check the drainages and plumbing to find out water leakages. If so then we fix the water problems first before we start repairing.

The repairing procedure is lengthy but will give your house a new life. It will protect your house for years. At times, we need to only repair the basement support walls and get everything back to normal.
We would like to suggest that whenever you just happen to notice minor signs like concrete damage or other structural damage then you must take them seriously. One must not ignore them. Because in future the situation can worsen and the repair will cause you too expensive.

Every home’s structural challenges are different because the causes are different. And so our solutions are different depending upon the condition of that house. We can perform on both simple to sophisticated kinds of foundations. 

The cracks in the walls are patched, and the soil around the house is graded too. High-level concrete is used for ceilings, flooring, beams, etc.
We will work according to your budget, without compromising the quality, of work and promise to complete the project on time.

We are dedicated to our work and maintain a good rapport with our clients. You will see our superb work delivery, once we finish the project. Even after the work is done we will visit for an inspection. We provide a full-time warranty the structural repairs.
How to maintain a foundation

Taking care and cleaning the basement at least once in a month, is the most important step. Because this will helps the foundation remain healthy and save your money of a huge repair. And whenever you notice small cracks, try to fix them early so that moisture and mold are avoided and your furniture and flooring are saved from water damage. Basement waterproofing is a preventive measure; of which our team is an expert.

Contact us for a basement or foundation repair, we promise to give you
excellent results.