Roof services

What is a Roof?

A roof is a ceiling of a house where it includes the ventilation, insulation and shingles. A roof is made up of different roofing materials to form a complete roofing system. Many homes need roofing repairs. The reasons may vary like they are damaged, leaking, old, irreparable etc. And we can only rely on the best professionals. And we are here, D&J Roofing & Foundation Repair service to give you perfect roofing. 

We are certified and offer a complete roofing system. We know exactly how the roofing systems should be installed. We have trained our contractors to learn about the products and how to install the roofing system. The attics become very hot in the summers, but proper ventilation will help the heat in the house to stabilize. Extreme weather factors contribute a lot toward roof damage.

Roof Installation Services

One of the major cause for roof malfunction is leakages. And how this occurs is because of the geographical condition of that place. If the climate there is moist or rainy or even extreme heat, then those areas are prone to roof damage. Another reason can be that some people ignore checking these areas may be just because they invested good into a strong roof building. Then also the homeowner requires to inspect and take care of the roof because it not only takes care of your house but you and your loved ones.

Things you need to check for the roof are:
• Broken shingles
• Water stains
• Vulnerable fixtures
• Damaged sealant
• Debris soaked with water on the roof
• Granules
• Presence of close by trees rubbing against the roof
• Old or decaying roof materials

How are new roofs installed or replaced by D&J Inc?

We will tear off the old roof and clean the walls top thoroughly well.
New decks and wooden frames are placed on the walls. If we find that the decks can hold the new concrete, we will use the same; otherwise, we will replace them. Above the wooden frame, we install the shingles. If a roof flashing is damaged then we will replace it too. An underlayment for decking will be used for protection. A drip-edge will be installed in a new concrete roof. 

Next comes the shingles which are seen on the roof. These shingles must be placed properly with the proper roofing techniques. Installing the roof improperly will malfunction in the future. Our contractors are superb you can rely on them and our workmanship is great.

The sign of a properly installed roof is that when all the good quality components of the roof are properly installed; they will give a long life to the house.

Roof repair services

About Repairing and installing a new roof. We are into this business for years.
We first inspect the present condition of the roof of your house. And after the study, we will discuss the solution, step-by-step we can handle any kind of roofing project like re-roofing, repairing procedure, and the estimate with the homeowner.

Sometimes we need to break the roof, depending upon the condition, and replace new material of grade one quality. Install new strong shingles with quality adhesives which is tough. This will protect them from water and wind. The shingles can be chosen by you according to your choice. We have got very attractive and heavy shingles for your beautiful home. Exposure to sun, rain and snow will not degrade them. They come with a manufacturer’s warranty and you can relax.

Waterproofing the roof is another important feature of our repairing services. We use the best products for waterproofing, and no leakages are guaranteed. If you smell molds, patches of water sagged into the walls in your house, or water leaking from the roof checkout for roof leakages, these issues will be also covered during our repairing process. Every detail is paid attention to while working so that your house lives a long life.

We serve in and around, far and wide areas of Lancaster, TX. Do not panic if you have noticed your roof suffering. Call us once and our team will reach you the same day. We will inspect and explain the problem with solutions. By using our quality products and materials, we will either repair or install a new roof for your house.

Call us soon at any time of the day, we are available 24/7.